About us


Circle of Life is a non profit organization established in 2017 in Jordan. The company provides training, workshops, and support for early-stage startups in technology-based fields in order to help them implement their ideas and help them create a sustainable business model. The company caters to all cities in Jordan.

Currently, Circle of Life is prioritizing tech-based and innovative startups across various sectors. We aim to leverage advanced technologies developed by the founders to benefit the surrounding communities and present innovative solutions to meet current needs.

Our Mission

Provide creative solutions for work development to achieve suitable products in accordance to the needs of our society.

Establish strong team members with different expertise capable of implementing the company’s vision.

Our Vision

To be pioneers in sustainable development through projects that have a creative aspect to them. Which reflects on the unfortunate areas by creating new jobs and well-designed training.

Adoption of the creative ideas of the youth and work on transferring them into useful projects.


  • Launched Saqer, a company that uses Drone technology for civil purposes with a focus on agriculture.
  • Conducted a number of tech-based workshops and in cooperation with University students.
  • Launched Sonna, a unique networking platform for startups in different fields.
  • Launched Beyond Studio, a new age company in the space of visual media.
  • Launched Smart Green, a technological agricultural solution.