About Smart Bag

Smart Bag is an innovative product, designed to tackle the challenge of students living in rural areas or limited living conditions who are deprived from getting access to online education. The bag merges education and technology to provide a unique gadget that assists students.

Invented by Anas Al Kalash, an electric Engineering student in Jordan, the ideas was born due to the effects of the pandemic on education its effect on students that have no access to online education.

According to research, this is the first product of its kind. The smart bag operates on solar power, merging the traditional school backpack with a computing system that enables students to access to online learning portals, download ebooks and use internet browsers.

The bag is ideal for primary students as it is:

  • Lightweight
  • Works on solar power
  • Easy to use
  • Shockproof
  • Affordable

In an interview with Jordan News, Al-Kalash said, “It was because of the creative work by Circle of Life under the supervision of Maha Darwish, who has my appreciation and respect. … I see that this project will transform education through the use of technology, keeping pace with development, and solving problems related to electrical energy and education.”

Updates & Awards:

  • – Circle of Life board members recently met with the King Abdullah II Fund For Development KAFD to launch the project.


  • – Recently, Anas was chosen to participate in a conference at Arab Open University where he presented the Smart Bag and was awarded a trophy.


  • Met with Her Excellency Dr. Haifa Al Najjar, Minister of Culture, and presented the Smart Bag invention.